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Working with Coaching Supervision Consultancy Ltd

Coaching Supervision Consultancy Limited (CSC) was founded in 2004 by Patti Stevens to meet the Supervision requirements of practitioners working within the Professional contexts of Coaching, Leadership, & People Development together with the Purchasers of these services who require demonstrable high standards of their coaching expectations & Professional practice.

Patti Stevens

Patti Stevens – Founder and Managing Director, CSC Limited

CSC was born out of a profound vision & belief that the Supervision process is a vital professional relationship necessary to ensure that coaching & leadership delivers return on investment, expectation and attainment of successful, healthy functioning businesses including individuals within those businesses and the wider community.

The Supervision relationship (a requirement of membership of all the Professional Coaching bodies) is integral to assuring high standards of practice, quality control, evaluation & development of an effective and successful practitioner/practice.

The Benefits of Working with CSC

CSC is the established leader in Leadership Supervision and Coaching Supervision services providing the benefit of an unrivalled wealth of experience and supervision wisdom in:

  • Delivering all your supervision needs and requirements from both individual or group supervision sessions to consultative supervision support for your in-house learning & development functions in both private & public sector organisations, educational institutions, charities etc;
  • Working with independent & organisational in-house coaches, mentors, leaders and people who develop others who are expert at what they do or who are at the beginning of their professional development with others and require the highest Professional standard of supervision expertise;
  • Accrediting experienced coaches and supervisors to use the Coaching Signatures Profile® in their own organisations thereby giving them the advantage of being able to offer this unique profile tool with all its’ benefits thus generating more clients & building a successful Supervision practice.

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