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The Coaching Signatures Profile®Tool

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The Coaching Signatures Profile®  enables all who work in the people development profession & at all levels of expertise through the Coaching Signatures Supervision process to discover their unique Coaching Signature & appreciate how their current coaching strategies are impacting on their work with coaches.

The Coaching Signatures Profile Tool®, based on the three dimensions of Empathy, Logic & Control helps people to reflect how they may become more flexible in their coaching behaviours by learning and developing different coaching postures and strategies thus becoming more aware & empowered to coach in a way that will enhance & improve coaching ability & performance through:

  • Identification, awareness & analysis of unique ‘self’ coaching signature
  • Coaching postures being used with clients
  • Provision of a framework & shared language to develop, monitor & evaluate coaching practice
  • Creation of strategies for developing alternative & appropriate coaching interventions
  • Matching coaching practice appropriately
  • Adherance to best practice
  • Providing a more self-aware, developed, versatile & confident coach

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