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What is Leadership Supervision?

Many professions require effective supervision to be undertaken. There are leaders in all professions. The focus of leadership supervision is on the actual practice of the leader, how it is impacting on them and their immediate and wider system both professionally and personally.

It takes place with a qualified supervisor (very often a coaching supervisor) who serves the leader in a confidential, supportive sometimes challenging one to one relationship.

Increasingly organisations who have become familiar with the supervision of their internal coaches now realise how valuable this kind of supervision relationship is. They are therefore seeking to explore supervision and engage supervisors for their leaders in the context of continuing professional and personal development (CPPD).

CSC Ltd. (founded in 2004) has a wealth of supervision experience supporting leaders and is therefore well placed to offer leadership supervision to leaders.

CSC Ltd. also trains people to become supervisors themselves to develop and offer the skills and practice of supervision through an in-house Diploma in Supervision.

How Leadership Supervision benefits Individuals & Organisations

  • The supervision relationship enables the leader to reflect on and attend to their own practice of leadership.
  • The supervision relationship facilitates a quality, confidential encounter for the leader to explore issues that arise for, and are evoked in them via their leadership role.
  • The supervision relationship develops the psychological and ethical maturity of the leader thus enhancing their intra-organisational selves and inter-organisational relationships.

Developing Leadership Supervision Skills for Practitioners

Please see the Accreditation page or get in touch with us and we will be pleased to share more details.

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