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“Patti Stevens at Coaching Supervision Consultancy Ltd. trained six of our internal coach supervisors to become Accredited Coaching Signatures practitioners to use the Coaching Signatures Profile® (CSP). The John Lewis Partnership has a hundred internal coaches and the CSP tool really will add a vital dimension to the ongoing development of our coaches and their practice. The landscape metaphor and the three dimensions of Empathy, Logic & Control that the CSP explores has already shifted the way we work as supervisors. It has also raised a number of questions for me, about organisational landscapes and how these impact not just client and coach in the organisational system, but potentially leadership and teams too; a great addition to our toolset, but also to our thinking”

Steve Ridgley, Manager, Personal Learning and Growth, John Lewis Partnership – 2017

Having done my Coaching Signatures Profile with Patti Stevens, I can recommend it as an insightful mirror that helps us reflect both on our coaching aspirations as well as our current coaching practice and strengths

Peter Hawkins, author and Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School – June 2014

The Coaching Signatures Profile combines the use of landscape metaphor, stance and space to articulate and describe our individual and unique way of being a Coach. I found it liberating. It gave me excellent insights into how I engage with coachees and with coaching. It did more than that: it also provided me with suggestions on how I might increase my effectiveness as a Coach. I don’t think it will radically change my signature but the Coaching Signature Profile will definitely help me write it more clearly, both for myself and others”

Michael Carroll Ph.D. Visiting Industrial Professor, University of Bristol – June 2014

“My training as a supervisor with the Coaching Supervision Academy used the full spectrum model as a basis for their training. The core components are contracting, mindfulness, presence and energy management.

The use of clean language and metaphor was also an integral part of the development, making Coaching Signatures an ideal ‘tool’ for me to use with my supervisees.

So far my supervisees have been pleasantly surprised at the nature and quality of the questions asked as part of the assessment process. Then surprised at the depth and content of the analysis it provides.

Coaching Signatures has provided the catalyst for in-depth self-reflection on coaching skills and self-development that would not have been possible otherwise. It also offers me as a supervisor, a non-judgemental framework to discuss my supervisees underlying philosophy and approach to their coaching practice.

I thoroughly enjoyed the ACSS Programme. I walked away having spent two days learning how to integrate Coaching Signatures into my supervision practice”

 Louis Harvey, Accredited Coaching Signatures Supervisor – 25 June 2014

“The way I work now is not how I was working a few years ago as I have continued to learn about myself, learn new skills and tools, and evolve my style in a dynamic way. What my Coaching Signatures Profile has shown me is not only a current snapshot of my own sense of how I work, but also how this may differ as I work with different supervisees.

Unlike a psychometric tool the CSP is generated through exploring our own inner landscape, through this metaphor we reveal the many different facets and emphases that go to make up our coaching posture. At a glance we see the weightings we give to each of the dimensions that go characterize the postures. We see what choices we all have to flex and choose what is right for each of the different relationship journeys we are on with our clients.

The visual and textual information provided in the CSP is rich and gives a picture of the eight postures available in summary form. When we wish to explore all the postures we have suggestions there for how to develop them.

While the training was focused, brief and the materials provided excellent, the proof of the pudding is how I use the CSP to monitor my own learning and development, and facilitate my supervisees to do the same as they them-selves evolve their own practice as coaches.

Awareness is basic to having a choice about how we work. The Coaching Signatures Profile has set me off on a journey of discovery that I feel sure will mean I make the right choices about how I work and support my own and others’ continuing development.”

Fiona Adamson, Accredited Coaching Signatures Supervisor – 27 June 2014

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