Welcome to the home of Coaching Supervision and Leadership Supervision

Why Supervision?

The Supervision relationship (a requirement of membership of all Professional Coaching bodies) is integral to assuring high standards of practice, quality control & development of an effective practitioner/practice.

Supervision of practice is the norm in many professions, in particular counselling and psychotherapy, but increasingly a requirement for many professional associations and bodies involved in the development of others. It means growing and supporting “the reflective and reflexive practitioner “. The focus is on how to add value to that reflective and reflexive practise and how one increases the quality of time spent in learning and growing practice in both coaching and supervision.

How We Can Help You

Consultancy Supervision Consultancy Ltd (CSC) provides organisations, professional coaches and coaching supervisors a route to develop and extend their skill and practice in both Coaching Supervision, and more recently the growing field of  Leadership Supervision.

Our Working Relationships

We work with independent & organisational in-house coaches, mentors, leaders and people who develop others who are expert at what they do, or who are at the beginning of their professional development with others and require the highest Professional standard of supervision expertise.

Our Aim

To support, guide and enable any new or experienced practitioner looking to develop themselves or others they work with, by enhancing their CPPD to practice at the leading edge of professional supervision.


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